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The FREE Configuration Managment System (CMS)
for managing Eddystone™ Beacon messages

What is an Eddystone™ Beacon?

An Eddystone beacon sends out a web address whose web page title is received as a notification on smartphones. The beacon can be detected by Android™ smartphones without installing an app. The Android OS creates a notification if you are near a beacon and you are using your smartphone. On iOS a notification can be seen if you have installed the Physical Web app.

The use of beacons started in retail but they can be used for anything (or anyone) needing to advertise a web address. Think of them as long range, easier to use, QR codes.

Why Use a CMS?

You put the web address into the beacon using an iOS or Android app provided by the beacon manufacturer. However, the beacon can only store short web addresses up to 18 characters. Hence, to do this manually you have to use a URL shortener such as or The final, 'pointed to', web address must be secure and use SSL (start with https://) . 

A problem with public shorteners is that they can sometimes be too slow to convert to the long web address and this can cause the beacon to not be detected. Many people also don't have a suitable secure web address.

Our FREE CMS creates a fast, short URL and a editable, secure (SSL) web page the title of which is used for the smartphone message making it easier than doing all this manually. What's more, it provides analytics showing how many people have clicked on your beacon web address.

Where Can I Buy Beacons?

We supply over 90 models of beacon from 21 manufacturers. Choose between wearable, waterproof, sensor, ultra small, long battery life beacons or a mix of these. 

About Us

We are BeaconZone Ltd, in the United Kingdom. We are specialists in Bluetooth beacon solutions. We offer self-help information, beacon products, consultancy and software development for companies and organisations evaluating/using beacon technologies for use in professional solutions or research.

We have created EddystoneCMS to encourage the use and purchase of Eddystone beacons.